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Tour to Kaiafas – Ancient Ithomi – Day Tour

Tour to Kaiafas – Ancient Ithomi – Day Tour

The first destination of this Tour is Lake Kaiafa. This is a lake which is connected to the sea. On the shore of the Lake Kaiafa we can stop for photo-shooting and walk in the small forest that resisted to the Great Fire of 2007. (Area known since antiquity for its thermal springs, Kaiafas Lake with the picturesque lake and the sandy beach, is a protected area. In the middle of the lake we’ll discover the island of Saint Catherine (Agia Aikaterini), with the homonymous chapel, which is connected to the Lake’s coast by bridge.

The lake connects the small channel with the sea, which is useful when the lake overflows during the winter. Roughly in the middle of the lake you can find a small isle with the small church of Saint Ekaterini.  Α small boat connects the hotel of the lake with the hydrotherapy center.



Its Eastern bank is shaped by the sharp rocks of mountain Lapitha which are reflected on the lakes waters. In this mountain there are found two caverns, the Cavern of Anigridon Nymphs and Geranio Andro, from where spout the healing waters.

We will continue our journey along the road, admiring to our right many sandy beautiful beaches of Ilia and Messinia and on our left the small hills full of olive trees, pine forest and small hamlets and we will end up in Ancient Ithomi. Where we will visit the archaeological site with the breathtaking monuments, which will take you many years back to the ancient times and then, the museum with the exhibits from the excavations of the archaeological site.

It is one of the best preserved ancient cities of Greece that manages to preserve the glory of the past, impressing the visitors.
After the visit of the archaeological site and the museum there is a small beautiful village called Mavrommatis. We can go there to take some panoramic photos.

There is also a beautiful café, and a dining restaurant overlooking ancient Ithomi.
And finally we come back.